Michelle Biscieglia

Wine Director - Blue Hill Restaurant


Like many sommeliers before her, Michelle was steered towards the world of wine by a glass of old, red Burgundy. While growing up just outside of Atlantic City, wine was not a part of her daily culture. Moving to NYC, working as a waiter at Pastis and participating in the “Reserve Wine” staff trainings changed all of that. Her career focus shifted, and Michelle began working as an intern in order to learn how to taste and appreciate wine. From there, she gained valuable "hands-on" experience in the vineyards, spending two sequential harvest seasons (2009 & 2010) in Burgundy. Upon her return to New York, she worked as a sommelier at Bar Boulud and Boulud Sud. In the summer of 2012, Michelle traveled to Piedmont to work in the vineyards of Barolo. Michelle joined Blue Hill in January 2013, bringing her love and passion of wine to the West Village.


Wines from Corsica and the Canary Islands

Michelle Biscieglia tells us about the wine program at Blue Hill and focuses in on two unique wines from Corisica and the Canary Islands: Vinatigo and Abbatucci. Michelle's incredible wine background includes working at some of the best restaurants in NYC, as well as working two harvest seasons in Burgundy.  She also traveled to Piedmont to work in the vineyards of Barolo. Click here to see Michelle's full bio

Vinatigo, founded by Juan J. Méndez in 1990, is dedicated to only planting grapes native to the Canary Islands.  All Vinatigo wines are single varietal and truly represent the terroir of the Canary Islands. Jean-Charles Abbatucci, a local celebrity in the capital of Corsica (Ajaccio), is a certified biodynamic producer. Founded in 1950, Abbatucci produces around 5,000 cases a year.